About the company

LABCON Scientific Instruments Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, India, is a multi – product technical marketing company specialising in sourcing, defining, selling, installing and maintaining several state-of-art equipment for Chemical, Petrochemical and Refinery areas in all regions of India. The company represents world leaders in the above areas. LABCON was started in the year 1990 by a team of entrepreneurs with considerable experience in Technical  sales and organisational aspects of installation and customer services.  We have established a reputation for total service and customer satisfaction in the last two decades.

The company has a network of resource persons and full time technical sales persons in all major technical and technological focal points in India.  It also has a band of highly qualified, trained and experienced manpower for installing and maintaining the equipments. The company also maintains a band of application specialists in major areas of activity on a consultancy/retainership basis who act as technical resource persons to introduce new products to customers, define their needs and help the foreign principals to quickly respond to the customer.  This has built a mutual respect and smooth working relationship between the Company and the Principals.