Lawler Brookfield Viscometer Air Bath

Five models are available conforming to ASTM D2983 Test Method for Low Temperature Viscosity of Automotive Fluids Measured by Brookfield Viscometer. Each model is equipped with turntable rotating at 4 RPM. Ample storage is provided inside the cold chambers for pre- cooling the insulated cell carriers. A digital, indicating controller with resolution of 0.1°C, maintains set temperature to ±0.1°C.

Model BV-70 has an 28 cm (11 inch) square, multipane, insulated window with fluorescent light for observation of the interior, with 28 sample capacity. A video chart recorder (option -V) to track possible temperature upsets, and a digital sample temperature display (option -D) are available for Model BV-70.

Model BV-40 is a smaller, floor space saving, compact unit, with 12 sample capacity. No viewing window, but with digital sample temperature display.

Model BV-20 is a compact, bench top unit with 6 sample capacity with digital sample temperature display. It is designed for those laboratories with a very light sample load and limited space and budget.