Lawler Oxidation Stability Bath For Oils


Lawler offers a wide range of heated tube and liquid baths for the oxidation of Oil products conforming to a wide range of oxidation test methods. Different models with 8,12,30 and 60 test positions are available. Each test position has a float in flowmeter with a precision control valve for delivering 3±0.1 L/hr of oxygen to test the sample. Benefits: Meets the requirements of ASTM D943, D2274, D2893, D4310, D7462, EN 12205 test methods
Digital indicating temperature control maintains ±0.1°C stability
Agitated liquid bath from 4 to 60 test positions
Temperature range of 40° to 120°C
Supplied with flow meter for each test position
Low-level safety cut-off switch
Available for either 115V, 208V or 220V, 50 or 60 Hz power