Pilodist Ozone generators OGF for laboratory/pilot plant


Portable ozone generators especially suited for reliable laboratory and pilot plant application; for oxygen and dried air as feedgas.

High ozone concentration in oxygen.

The ozone generating module is made of inert material and is build together with the power supply and the instrumentation into a 19” aluminium housing (protection class IP 42) with air cooling.

The gas flow is adjustable at the needle valve of the flow meter. The electrical power consumption is shown at the LCD display. The ozone concentration can be regulated between 5 and 100 % by means of an electrical controller or an external signal.

Generators available for different nom. ozone productions available:

0,05 – 1 g/h type OGF 500
1 g/h type OGF 501
5 g/h type OGF 505
10 g/h type OGF 510
25 g/h type OGF 525
50 g/h type OGF 550