Thermal Oxidation Stability Tester – JFTOT (ASTM D3241/IP 323)

Falex 400 Thermal Oxidation Stability Tester – JFTOT (ASTM D3241/IP 323)

Falex 400 is a thermal oxidation stability tester for Aviation Turbine Fuels, conforming to ASTM D3241/IP 323 test methods.


Falex 400 is designed for years of long operation, provides traceability, long maintenance intervals and results you can trust.

  • Automatic aeration and fuel cleaning.
  • Certified thermocouples, guarantee accuracy without the need for calibration with lead.
  • Maintenance-free Pump.
  • Automatic Sample introduction
  • Automatic leak detection and shutdown

Falex 430 Ellipsometer (for rating of deposits on ASTM 3241 heater tubes)

  • Fully automated unit contains a safe, completely enclosed laser light source with an optical detection system for measuring the film thickness of ASTM D 3241 heater tubes
  • Large Colour Display
  • As specified in ASTM D3241, Annex 3, Ellipsometric Method » ASTM D1655 Referee Method as per Table 1, Note M
  • Pass/Fail Determination of the 2.5mm2 Average Film Thickness
  • Ellipsometer uses equivalent area evaluations
  • 5 mm to 55 mm along heater tube
  • Historical Ellipsometer data 85 nm = VTR Value 3
  • Software determination of maximum thickness and location
  • Test report data and test information